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Want to Know How the Local SEO Audit and Action Plan Process Works

In less than 10 business days Local SEO Audits search engineers and consultants go through an exhaustive process to inspect, analyze, evaluate your website and internet marketing efforts in order to inform you of issues and opportunities for growth. Let’s take a closer look at how Local SEO Audits goes about making this happen for you!

The Local SEO Audit and Action Plan Process

  1. Gather Your Business Information – After purchasing your audit and action plan, Local SEO Audits collects data about your business and website. This data help Local SEO Audits identify your company, website and internet marketing efforts.
  2. Conduct 45 Point Local SEO Inspection – When Local SEO Audits receives your data, one of our search engineers will conduct a 45 point Local SEO inspection on your website and internet marketing using a number of proprietary tools.
  3. Review Local SEO Audit Data – Once the Local SEO inspection is complete, a Local SEO Audits consultant reviews all of the data found and analyzes the findings. It is during this review and analysis that the recommendations and strategies for improvement will be derived.
  4. Create the Local SEO Audit Report – After reviewing and analysing the raw data captured during the Local SEO inspection, a Local SEO Audits consultant will create a 15 page Local SEO Audit Report that delivers the information found in a simple and easy to read format.
  5. Create the Local SEO Action Plan – Based on the findings in the Local SEO Audit Report, the Local SEO Audits consultant will create a 5 – 7 page Local SEO Action Plan that shows you exactly what you need to do and why, so you can fix issues and maximize opportunities.
  6. Discuss the Local SEO Action Plan and Report – With the Audit Report and Action Plan completed, the last step in the process if for you to review both and then schedule your half phone call with Local SEO Audits consultant to review your Local SEO Audit Report and Action Plan.

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Sample Local SEO Audit

Audit Samples 1

Sample Local SEO Action Plan

Audit Samples 2


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